Power Flush

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Sludge and rust in your heating system can cause blockages, inefficient heating and damage the boiler.

Some signs your heating system needs a Power Flush

  • Radiators Cold Spots on the Bottom

  • Noise from the Heating System Components and Boiler

  • Dirty Water in the Heating System 

  • The Radiators Heat Up Very Slowly

  • Some Radiators Not Heating Up Same as The Rest

  • Hot Pipes, Cold Radiator

  • Boiler Overheat And Cut Off

  • Noisy Radiators


Power Flush Benefits

  • Radiators will Heat Up Quicker and Get Hotter

  • Efficient and Reliable System

  • Longer Life of Your Heating System and Boilers

  • Less Heating Bills

How it works

We connect a pump to your central heating system. The pump working with high velocity (speed) water circulation not high pressure to avoid system damages. Ones the pump is connected and running will be added chemicals to the water, which remove the sludge and lime scale from the system. All radiators will be cleaned and flushed individually for best result. Ones the system is clean will be added corrosion inhibitor.

How long take the Power Flush and cost of the service

Everting depends of your heating system size and numbers of radiators.

Usury teaks one day.

If some of the components of your heating systems has been damaged from the dirty system and start leaking after the Power Flush, will be additional charge for repair.

All jobs and systems are different, that’s why we provide free survey and free no obligation quote. The price including all cleaning and protective chemicals. 

Our prices start from £350.00

Power Flush